A Touchdown at the Crossroads

University of Notre Dame Crossroads Project


This massive series of additions and expansions around the perimeter of the iconic football stadium are together the largest building project in the history of Notre Dame. Featuring three new buildings, it brings academics, athletics, and student life together.

The student center is housed on the west side, the anthropology and psychology departments and a digital media center on the east side, and music and sacred music departments on the south side, leaving the side facing Hesburgh Library unchanged. As one of the most centrally located facilities on the campus, the impetus for this project is to make the beloved stadium a year-round hub for academic and student life.

Combined, there is more than 836,000 SF of teaching, research, performance, student life, and recreation facilities. It incorporates cutting-edge digital media resources, and an enhanced game day experience. The exteriors of the additions are inspired by the original stadium, which still stands today as the core of the facility, and are designed with materials, massing, and details taken from many of the Collegiate Gothic style buildings on campus. There is also a pedestrian plaza with walkways, trees, planters, and seating areas. The entire project will include sustainability practices consistent with other University projects. Construction began in the fall of 2014 and opened in time for gameday in 2018.


The S/L/A/M Collaborative

Size / Cost

836,000 SF / $400 million


Civil, electrical, fire protection, mechanical, plumbing