Skybridge Fosters Connectivity & Continuity

Joseph Sargent Skybridge, Hartford Hospital


As part of a campus-wide modernization Master Plan called HH2020, Hartford Hospital set forth to revitalize areas within the hospital campus with the goal of increasing patient and educational capacity, and improving the patient and employee experience through an overall campus atmosphere of peace and comfort.

Part of this modernization included the design and construction of the Joseph Sargent Skybridge, an elevated, 470-foot-long pedestrian connector bridge to link their recently-completed Hudson Street Garage through various campus buildings, and across a public street to connect to the established campus internal pedestrian corridor.

The Sargent Skybridge Project was initiated by a need for additional parking on Hartford Hospital’s urban campus, and to get staff safely from the Hospital’s new parking garage to the main campus. With the new Hudson Street Garage accommodating a 16% increase in parking for staff and 35% increase in parking for patients and visitors, the Skybridge allows 1,250 employees, patients and visitors to walk from the garage to the main campus in a safe, climate-controlled passage without having to cross the street.

The path of the Skybridge Connector also connects to three existing buildings on the north side of campus that had been disconnected from the main hospital campus by Jefferson Street, a major vehicular roadway that dissects the campus. As a result, the Skybridge fosters connectivity and continuity throughout the entire campus. The Skybridge is also an enabling project that will allow for the demolition of other campus parking structures to make way for future expansion. The hospital can now move forward with the next steps of the HH2020 plan.


Perkins + Will

Size / Cost

7,500 SF / $8.5 million