Research Building Enables Collaboration

Cell and Genome Sciences Building, University of Connecticut Health Center

This project transformed a late-1970s industrial research building into an ultra-modern university research facility centered on genetics, human stem-cell research and developmental biology. Housing more than 100 scientists working in 25 laboratories. the mission of the research community housed in the Cell and Genome Sciences Building is to enhance Connecticut’s role as a leader in innovative high-tech research and technology transfer. The renovated spaces help achieve these goals by encouraging collaboration and interdisciplinary research among the academic and industry chemists, geneticists, physicists, mathematicians, cell biologists, and computer scientists housed there.

The 117,000-square-foot facility houses research laboratories, offices, a 100-seat auditorium, cafeteria, and incubator space for businesses eager to commercialize stem cell science. The state-of-the-art building also boasts sophisticated technologies, including highly-specialized imaging equipment; three-dimensional, laser-based microscopes; a major data center and super-computers; and next-generation sequencers. It also includes infrastructure systems such as compressed air, vacuum and reverse osmosis water to allow incubator laboratories to get started with minimal capital investment.

This renovation challenged BVH to optimize the energy performance of the building systems for this mechanically-intensive facility. Special lab system design included reverse osmosis & deionization process water systems, lab air (high and low pressure), lab VAC, and isolated lab cold water, hot water, and hot water return water, in addition to the typical natural gas, drainage waste and vent, and domestic water building systems. BVH also provided the design for the clean steam system for the cage wash and sterilizers.


Goody Clancy

Size / Cost

117,000 SF / $52 million


2011 Renovated Lab of the Year (R&D Magazine) Building Design+Construction (BD+C) 27th Annual Reconstruction Award, 2010


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