Engineering, Innovation & Sciences

WIT Academic Building


Designed to meet the next evolution in the collegiate study of several engineering disciplines, this new academic building—the first in 40 years, provides modern academic space and enhance the campus experience at Wentworth.

Transitioning from a focus on engineering technology to engineering innovation in such areas as biological engineering, this new building provides Wentworth with a fresh approach to teaching and learning spaces.

Located at the center of the campus, the new 4-story Academic Building for Engineering, Innovation & Sciences houses laboratories, student learning spaces, a first-floor maker-space, and a gathering area where students, faculty and visitors can experience displays of Wentworth’s engineering capabilities and teachings.

Notable spaces within the new complex include:

  • Ideation space
  • Maker space
  • Shop space
  • Manufacturing-Additive (3D) print lab
  • Science, biology and chemistry labs
  • Lobby commons for displays, events, and/or social engagement
  • Collaboration areas


Leers Weinzapfel Associates

Size / Cost

78,000 SF / $55 million


electrical, mechanical, technology