A Universe of Science

Jordan Hall of Science, University of Notre Dame


From the atoms to distant galaxies, students experience the vast reaches of science in this impressive addition to the renowned campus. Equipped with the most advanced scientific instrumentation of any university in the nation, the facility’s revolutionary technology allows chemistry, biology and physics students to study molecules at the atomic level, and use the same kind of equipment and laboratories they would in a research career. There are 40 laboratories, a 250-seat lecture hall, a 150-seat planetarium, greenhouse, herbarium, data analysis rooms, classrooms, and administrative offices. One of the most stunning design elements is the full-length central hall offering breathtaking views of the interior.

Among the many advanced specialized learning clusters are several rarely found elsewhere. A rooftop observatory features a research-class telescope that rivals any in the Midwest. A digital visualization theater offers opportunities for any discipline to illustrate large-scale images related to their studies. Multiple greenhouses have individually programmable environmental systems that control cooling and temperature by use of a fog system, air circulation, ventilation, and light and shade levels. A museum of biodiversity showcases an extensive collection of amphibians, fish, birds, mammals, and insects, and a herbarium filled with plant specimens from around the world. A universe of science truly comes together in this impressive facility.


The S/L/A/M Collaborative

Size / Cost

200,000-SF / $60 million


ACEC CT, 2007 Engineering Excellence Grand Conceptor Award


commissioning, electrical, fire protection, mechanical, plumbing