Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

American Honda Corporation


American Honda retained BVH to design a 189,000-SF addition to its distribution warehouse in Windsor Locks, CT. Project features include a 35,000-SF mezzanine and a 20-truck bay loading dock area. Site improvements included new lighting, landscaping, 18 parking spaces for Honda’s distribution trucks, and 40 dolly pads for trailer parking.

BVH also completed a study for American Honda Corporation that evaluated the greenhouse gas emissions for one of its California facilities. We developed a Greenhouse Gas Calculator that computed the equivalent carbon dioxide generation, in metric tons, for energy sources that may be used at the facility, including electricity, natural gas, fuel oil/diesel, propane and motor vehicle gasoline.

Four different greenhouse gas reporting variables can be applied to the energy sources for this calculator: carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O) and carbon content. Other supporting variables are also required to accurately calculate the carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e), the reporting method for all greenhouse gases.

The Greenhouse Gas Calculator developed by BVH was subsequently used to estimate greenhouse gas emissions for other American Honda Corporation facilities across the country.


Milton Lewis Howard Associates, Inc.

Size / Cost

189,000 SF / $10 million


Civil, electrical, mechanical, structural, technology