Discovering Science By Design

Discovery Magnet Elementary School


There is a lot to discover at this fascinating new inter-district magnet school. Designed around a curriculum based on the sciences, technology and global education, there are many aesthetic, functional, and sustainable features that bring the school into harmony with nature. Emphasizing its connection with the earth, the building is located on a site with dramatic slopes adjacent to a wooded wetland. Throughout the interior, sightlines are often directed toward sweeping views of the outdoors starting with floor-to-ceiling windows in the open, two-level foyer. Begun with a goal of LEED Silver Certification, intensive efforts to incorporate green building ideas and materials have made LEED Gold Certification possible.

The school was built immediately adjacent to the Discovery Museum in order to take advantage of the museum’s own educational science programs, exhibits, and planetarium. Integrated core academic units have been developed for a wide array of scientific study rarely available to elementary school age children. In partnership with the Discovery Museum and Sacred Heart University, the facility serves the learning needs of 500 Pre-K through 8th grade students in the Bridgeport region. Integrating many “hands-on” learning techniques, even the school’s building materials are embedded with fossil-like shapes and impressions, of objects from ancient to modern, that make exploring the school a discovery in itself.


Svigals + Partners

Size / Cost

70,000 SF / $32 million


U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon School Connecticut Green Building Council Merit Award


electrical, fire protection, mechanical, plumbing, technology