Design that Promotes Law-Abiding Youth

Manson Youth Center


BVH aims to provide our correction clients with realistic design solutions that effectively address operational and security needs, and our work at the Manson Youth Institution is no exception. As prime consultant, BVH worked closely with the Department of Correction staff and administration to design comprehensive renovations at this maximum-security correctional facility for youthful males.

The goal for staff at Manson Youth Institution is to provide a climate which enhances inmate social skills while promoting ethics, attitude and behavior.  BVH’s upgrade and repair work helped reinforce this physical climate. Coordinating closely with the facilities group and administration to minimize disturbances and interruptions to the occupants, BVH’s design work achieved the following:

  • Replaced and extend failed direct-buried high temperature hot water piping
  • Installed new chilled water piping on ten 7,000-SF residential cottages
  • Installed new isolation vaults and modified piping in an existing vault at the central plant
  • Upgraded the mechanical systems
  • Installed new cooling coils in existing AHUs to provide air conditioning to the cottages
  • Removed and replaced high temperature hot water and chilled water piping from the central utility plant to the HET building
  • Added additional fencing to the interior of the facility and repaved the interior roadway

Size / Cost

70,000 SF / $6.2 million


Civil, mechanical, structural