Enhancing Scientific Instruction & Academic Research

Northwest Science Building, Columbia University

Recognizing a need for additional space that better meets the scientific challenges of the 21st century, Columbia University built a new science building on its Morningside Heights campus in Manhattan.

The new facility houses 21 cutting-edge laboratories that gather together researchers in biology, chemistry, physics and engineering. The labs were planned to maximize flexibility and have the ability to house vibration-sensitive equipment. Communal research facilities for both biological sciences and nanotechnology include cold rooms, sterilizing rooms, and clean rooms. The new building also has a science library, lecture hall and café.

This LEED Gold certification is particularly noteworthy due to the large number of laboratories in the 14-story building, as laboratories typically consume a great deal of energy.


Rafael Moneo Valles Arquitecto

Size / Cost

185,000 SF / $179 million