Transforming a Campus Infrastructure

Avery Point Campus, University of Connecticut

UConn’s Avery Point Campus opened in 1967 on a site that previously had been a Coast Guard training facility. With spectacular views overlooking the Long Island Sound, the Avery Point campus is home to the Connecticut Sea Grant College Program, Project Oceanology, the National Undersea Research Center, and the Long Island Sound Resource Center.

As a result of $50 million in renovations and additions under the UConn 2000 infrastructure improvement program, the campus has undergone major transformations, including a new Student Center and updates to the Marine Sciences and technology facilities.

As part of this campus improvement program, BVH was commissioned to replace 1,450 linear feet of steam and condensate piping that ran through the heart of the campus. Due to the close proximity to the tidal waters, this project presented a challenging task to move the existing condensate traps from the underground manholes to above ground structures.

BVH provided an innovated design to provide drip legs that were integrated with the pre-manufactured piping system. This allowed the trap stations to be placed above ground and out of the ground water.

BVH is also part of the design team commissioned to demolish the Coast Guard buildings on site.


Prime Consultant: BVH Integrated Services, PC

Size / Cost

$1.4 million


Civil, site utilities