SportsCenter’s New Home

Digital Center 2, ESPN

Digital Center 2 (DC-2), a 194,000-square foot facility in Bristol, Connecticut, is the new home to ESPN’s SportsCenter, the network’s signature show, along with its NFL programming. One of the world’s most advanced TV production facilities, this high-tech complex includes 5 studios, 115 screens, and an interactive video floor. Moreover, DC-2 was built to easily accommodate new video formats as they develop.

With the goal of achieving LEED certification, a difficult task for a production studio, the building is oriented to minimize the amount of heat absorption from the sun. Other energy-savings features include using sustainable building materials, installing renewable energy systems, and utilizing LED bulbs throughout the facility, which is projected to reduce the building’s energy consumption by 70 percent compared to Digital Center 1, built in 2004.

BVH provided the civil engineering design, structural threshold peer review and commissioning services for this $178-million facility. The scope included design of a hydronic snowmelt system surrounding the facility that absorbs heat in the summer and melts snow in the winter.


HLW International

Size / Cost

194,000-SF / $178 million


Civil, commissioning, structural peer review