Integrated Design for a Public Campus

Southern Connecticut State University

Located on a 168-acre campus bordering New Haven and Hamden, more than 8,000 undergraduate students are enrolled each year at Southern Connecticut State University. In order to serve the future needs of the campus, BVH was commissioned to study and design SCSU’s entire campus heating and electrical infrastructure.

After performing a Campus Energy Master Plan, BVH provided engineering design services for replacement of the campus’ entire heating and electrical distribution system. The heating system work involved design of a new high temperature hot water boiler plant with a total capacity of 130-million BTU/Hr. and the design of an entirely new underground heating distribution system, including all required tie-ins at each building. The distribution piping (approximately 25,000 linear feet) was routed in an efficient manner and with consideration given to several other projects already under design or construction and several additional projects projected to occur over the next 10 years.

The electrical system work included the design of a new primary electrical distribution system throughout the entire campus, including all required building tie-ins. The electrical design also included the conversion of the entire West campus from 4,160 to 13,800 volts, as well as a conversion from a radial to a loop distribution system.

Because BVH performed both building design and site design services, the firm was uniquely qualified to provide a level of coordination and service that is more difficult to achieve when separate site and building design firms are used. Acting as the prime consultant, BVH maintained both the design schedule and budget for the project, and successfully balanced the needs of many constituencies to achieve a design acceptable to all.


Prime Consultant: BVH Integrated Services, PC

Size / Cost

$18.5 million


Civil, fire protection, mechanical, plumbing, structural