Promoting a Collaborative Learning Environment

Stinson-Remick Hall of Engineering, University of Notre Dame


Students use this new multidisciplinary engineering to explore the nature of energy and to experience its relationship to everyday life, careers connected to it, and notions of sustainability arising from it.

Some of the most sophisticated spaces on Notre Dame’s campus reside in this collaborative learning environment, including the Interdisciplinary Learning Center, Materials Characterization Center, Energy Center and Center for Nanoscience & Technology. This three-level building also houses an 8,500-square-foot semiconductor processing and device fabrication clean room, and an undergraduate interdisciplinary learning center.

Our commissioning team’s ability to detect and resolve building operation problems early helped deliver to the University a LEED-Gold-Certified building that functions optimally and promotes the precise building climates required for activities such as sample preparation and electron optics.


BSA Life Structures

Size / Cost

163,000 SF / $70 million