300 George Street
Center for Bioscience & Technology

New Haven, CT

Formerly an office building, 300 George Street has been transformed into a multi-tenant technology center for growing bioscience firms and research organizations. The design of the 500,000-SF base building renovation was completed within a 3-month schedule. The existing systems were completely modified for flexibility, allowing the owners to adapt the space for leasing to firms requiring biotech laboratories, information technology laboratories, and office space. BVH also provided tenant improvements within the 300 George Street building for several firms' research, administrative, and production functions. These tenant improvements cover approximately 200,000 SF and include spaces for Achillion Pharmaceuticals, Molecular Staging, Inc., RIB-X Pharmaceuticals, Sopherion Therapeutics, and the Yale University School of Medicine.
Brookhaven National Laboratories
Buildings 510 and 555

University of Notre Dame
Jordan Hall of Science

University of Vermont
James M. Jeffords Hall

UConn Health Center
Academic Research Building

UConn Avery Point
Marine Sciences Building

300 George Street
Center for Bioscience & Technology

Yale University School of Medicine
Biotechnology Resource Laboratory

Protometrix, Inc.
Biotechnology Research Park