For nearly 20 years, BVH has been providing new building and retro-commissioning services on various projects. From university science centers to nanotechnology laboratories, convention centers and hospitals to LEED-certified buildings, BVH has commissioned over 100 projects, with a total of more than 6 million square feet of construction. The approximate constructed dollar value of all of BVH's commissioning projects is over $1 billion. Our team of specialists includes LEED Accredited Professionals, Certified Commissioning Professionals, Professional Engineers, and NEBB Certified Professionals, all of whom dedicate 100% of their time and expertise to providing commissioning services for our clients.

With the tremendous increase in system complexity and accelerated schedules, standard design and construction are no longer enough to assure that a finished building will function optimally. Commissioning solves problems before they get in the way of a successful project.

Our many retro-commissioning projects have produced results in achieving significant energy savings and improved building performance while playing a major role in reducing peak electric demand.
At BVH, the overall goal of commissioning is to provide the client with a building that functions according to design intent at the time of project close-out. First-time performance creates satisfaction.
BVH is a Corporate Member of the Building Commissioning Association. Learn how a Certified Commissioning Professional can benefit your project.

BVH’s Commissioning Specialists have extensive experience as Field Engineers, with training that includes:
– OSHA 10-Hour Construction Safety
– OSHA Confined Space Training
– Aerial Work Platform Safety
– Arch Flash Electrical Safety

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