Quinnipiac University Hamden, Connecticut
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Integrated Design

BVH conducted a detailed study of energy usage and explored options for electrical and thermal distribution systems.
This analysis considered various factors such as energy efficiency, construction cost, ease of maintenance, sustainability and durability. Electrical distribution requirements, including primary electrical distribution, emergency power distribution, campus-wide load shedding, and cogeneration were considered, along with the thermal energy components of heating, hot water, and chilled water.

The final design includes a central high-efficiency boiler plant, a high-efficiency chiller plant, and primary electric distribution system with campus-wide backup power.
The design also incorporates a microturbine cogeneration system to provide self-generated electrical power while recovering waste heat to help heat and cool the campus.

Additionally, a communications infrastructure was designed for the telephone systems, with a backbone raceway and a new IT hub for every building on campus.

Integration Showcase focuses on a project where comprehensive and integrated services benefited a major infrastructure project. The many advantages of having a single source include: a broader perspective, closer coordination, and ongoing familiarity with optimal solutions.