Higher Education

  • New Campus Hub for Sports & Fitness

    Student Recreation Center, UConn

  • A Practice Facility for National Champions

    Werth Family Basketball Champions Center, UConn

  • Long-Awaited Improvements

    Athletics District Development, UConn

  • Penmen Stadium, a Step Toward Expansion

    Athletic Complex, SNHU

  • New Recreational Center for the Blue Devils

    Kaiser Hall Athletic Complex CCSU


  • Home for Soccer, Lacrosse & Field Hockey

    Athletic Facilities & Fields, Quinnipiac University

  • Addressing Utility & Infrastructure Needs

    Yale University

  • Transforming a Campus Infrastructure

    Avery Point Campus, University of Connecticut

  • Integrated Design for a Public Campus

    Southern Connecticut State University

  • Robust Infrastructure for Campus Growth

    Amherst College

  • New Campus Spurs Residential Rising

    Quinnipiac University York Hill Campus

  • Moving to Greater Heights of Distinction

    University of Connecticut

  • Hidden Infrastructure Within Campus

    Utility Tunnel, Central Connecticut State University

  • 21st Century Campus Transformation

    University of Massachusetts Boston


  • Innovative Arts Complex

    Sculpture Building & Gallery, Yale University


  • Enriching the Arts & Sciences

    Art and Science Building, Northwestern Connecticut Community College


  • 19th-Century Building for Today’s Needs

    Anthropology Building, Yale University

  • Research Building Enables Collaboration

    Cell and Genome Sciences Building, University of Connecticut Health Center

  • Creating Responsive Lab Environments

    School of Medicine, Yale University

  • Building Minimizes Environmental Impact

    James M. Jeffords Hall, University of Vermont

  • Creating a Quantum Optics Specialty Lab

    Wright Nuclear Structure Laboratory, Harris Laboratory, Yale University


  • Expanding SCSU’s Science Disciplines

    Academic & Laboratory Science Building, Southern Connecticut State University


  • Helping Address a Primary Care Shortage

    Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine, Quinnipiac University

  • Modernizing to Enhance Functionality

    Jennison Hall, Bentley College

  • A Universe of Science

    Jordan Hall of Science, University of Notre Dame