Our Approach

At BVH, a project isn’t a collection of different drawings, phases, and consultants. It’s one design, one team, and one goal – producing a successful project. BVH’s multi-disciplinary teams of professional engineers integrate civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, technology and commissioning elements in collaboration with the architect and other consultants, allowing us to bring all of these disciplines to the decision-making process and approach the project as a unified whole.

This unified approach enables us to control the flow of a project to efficiently plan, manage, and deliver it. Achieving a sum that is greater than its parts, our user friendly approach encourages a strong sense of team and an open exchange of ideas.

Engineering involves complex choices. BVH takes all the technology and boils it down so clients can understand their options. By bringing it all together to paint the big picture, we simplify the process and keep it – focused on performance.