Commissioning (Cx)

Whether building a new facility or retrofitting an existing facility, BVH’s Commissioning Team helps keep buildings functioning optimally. With expertise in building, campus and plant operations, testing and balancing, building automation systems and sustainable MEP design, BVH’s commissioning team solves problems before they get in the way of a successful project. Our commissioning process begins in the pre-design phase and reaches its peak of activity through construction and building turn-over with the validating of systems and equipment installation and performance in the field. From university science centers to nanotechnology laboratories, convention centers and hospitals to LEED-certified buildings, BVH’s overall commissioning goal is to provide our clients with a fully operating building that functions according to design intent at the time of project close-out.

Capabilities include:

• Functional Testing of Building Systems

• LEED Certification Testing (Enhanced Commissioning)

• Retro-Commissioning

• Facility Optimization Services

• Existing Building Commissioning

• Owner Training

• O&M Documentation

• Maintenance Training Manuals

• Air & Water Balancing

• Engineering Peer Review

• Building Envelope Services