BVH’s mechanical designers focus on engineering strategies that create appropriate indoor environments, conserve natural resources, and reduce operational costs. Our mechanical engineers are expert in designing essential building systems that help make hospital rooms comfortable for patients and staff, laboratory environments effective for researchers and scientists, and academic facilities conducive to learning for faculty and students. BVH’s experience encompasses high-performance building design solutions for new construction and renovations.

Capabilities include:

• Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

• Central Utility & Energy Plants

• Sustainable, LEED & High Performance Design Integration

• Energy Modeling & Life Cycle Cost Analysis

• Indoor Air Quality

• Steam Piping Systems

• Heat Recovery Systems

• Geothermal & Radiant Technologies

• Instrumentation & Controls

• Building Automation Systems

• Conditions Assessment Evaluations

• Clean Rooms & Data Centers

• Mission Critical Systems

• Isolation Rooms