Penmen Stadium, a Step Toward Expansion

This multi-sport, athletic complex is part of Southern New Hampshire University’s five-year plan to expand their sports programs. The new state-of-the-art complex includes an eight-lane track with a synthetic, multi-use sports field; a 1,500-seat stadium; a fitness center with expansive lockers rooms; a new, six-court tennis facility; and a 300-car parking lot.

The new facility also includes space for ticket booths, concession stands, restrooms, media and productions suites, and 16 offices for the coaching staff.

Located on the eastern part of the campus and set on 23 acres, SNHU hopes to add sports that include golf, field hockey, and track and field to its roster, as well as expand intramural sports teams on campus.

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Improved Central Utility Plant for Resort Casino

Keeping an entertainment destination open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is a daunting challenge, especially when it’s critical that round-the-clock customers and staff enjoy a clean and comfortable environment — and Foxwoods Resort Casino is no exception.  A complex of six casinos, the resort covers an area of 4,700,000 square feet on the Mashantucket Pequot Indian Reservation.

BVH addressed several problems occurring in the resort’s central utility plant. Originally hired to commission 28 rooftop air handling units, BVH also commissioned a 13,000-ton chilled water plant with a four-cell, 14,000-ton open cooling tower; an interconnection project to join the new and existing chilled water plants; and the plant’s centrifugal and absorber chillers. Our work addressed several problems related to chilled water flow and control, cooling towers, heat exchangers, and pump control.

As a result, BVH has helped Foxwoods maintain a safe and comfortable environment for 1.7 million square feet of new hotel tower, casino and retail space, which is beneficial to creating a positive and safe experience for visitors and staff.

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UConn Football Builds Top Indoor Practice Facility

College football teams take practice rather seriously. So serious that the idea of practicing in open fields and open weather conditions is now considered ridiculous. The top college football programs in the country are building massive indoor practice facilities, and UConn is no exception.

The Burton Family Football Complex serves as the on-campus home of UConn football and complements Rentschler Field in East Hartford.

This 165,000-SF indoor practice facility was the first of its kind in the United States and the UConn’s first LEED Certified facility.

Serving a major role as a recruiting tool for student-athletes and an icon for the University’s ambitious Division 1A football program, this world-class facility presents a unique image within the campus context while meeting the very specific technical requirements of an athletics-training center.

The facility include an indoor 100-yard football practice field, strength and conditioning facilities, locker facilities for athletes and coaches, meeting rooms, sports medicine facility and clinic, academic resources area, classrooms and meeting rooms, taping and broadcast facilities and a press briefing room.

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Corporate Headquarters Exemplifies Sustainable Design

The design and commissioning of this health care company’s new corporate headquarters achieved both energy efficiency and significant cost savings. This 13-story, LEED Gold-certified tower is the new home for Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island’s 1,100 employees in downtown Providence.

Rising atop an underground parking garage and ground floor retail shops in a prominent location in the city’s Capital Center District, the facility includes a fitness center, an employee cafe, a 3,400-SF raised-floor data center, training rooms and customer call center.

BVH commissioned the building’s MEP systems. The ventilation and air conditioning system serving the building is automatically controlled to adjust the amount of conditioned outdoor air to occupied spaces based on occupancy using a demand control strategy: when occupancy is high, the systems increases the amount of ventilation air as appropriate; when occupancy is low, the system automatically reduces the amount of outdoor air, thereby saving a substantial amount of energy.

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SportsCenter’s New Home

Digital Center 2 (DC-2), a 194,000-square foot facility in Bristol, Connecticut, is the new home to ESPN’s SportsCenter, the network’s signature show, along with its NFL programming. One of the world’s most advanced TV production facilities, this high-tech complex includes 5 studios, 115 screens, and an interactive video floor. Moreover, DC-2 was built to easily accommodate new video formats as they develop.

With the goal of achieving LEED certification, a difficult task for a production studio, the building is oriented to minimize the amount of heat absorption from the sun. Other energy-savings features include using sustainable building materials, installing renewable energy systems, and utilizing LED bulbs throughout the facility, which is projected to reduce the building’s energy consumption by 70 percent compared to Digital Center 1, built in 2004.

BVH provided the civil engineering design, structural threshold peer review and commissioning services for this $178-million facility. The scope included design of a hydronic snowmelt system surrounding the facility that absorbs heat in the summer and melts snow in the winter.

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Promoting a Collaborative Learning Environment

Students use this new multidisciplinary engineering to explore the nature of energy and to experience its relationship to everyday life, careers connected to it, and notions of sustainability arising from it.

Some of the most sophisticated spaces on Notre Dame’s campus reside in this collaborative learning environment, including the Interdisciplinary Learning Center, Materials Characterization Center, Energy Center and Center for Nanoscience & Technology. This three-level building also houses an 8,500-square-foot semiconductor processing and device fabrication clean room, and an undergraduate interdisciplinary learning center.

Our commissioning team’s ability to detect and resolve building operation problems early helped deliver to the University a LEED-Gold-Certified building that functions optimally and promotes the precise building climates required for activities such as sample preparation and electron optics.

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Improvements and Premier Tenants come to John Hancock Tower

Bain Capital relocated 500 staff members to eight upper floors of the John Hancock Tower, a 60-story multi-tenanted building located prominently in Boston’s Back Bay. One of the world’s premier private investment firms, Bain Capital required a world-class space that reflects this firm’s position in the marketplace.

Prior to Bain Capital’s move, the landlord made significant upgrades to the John Hancock Tower, including improvements to the main lobby, the addition of a new ground floor café, new underground parking, and upgrades to the base building HVAC systems.

BVH was hired to perform enhanced commissioning services for the build-out of 238,000 square feet. As a result of our commissioning work, the project resulted in greater efficiency and a physical environment more in keeping with its current operational requirements.

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Commissioning an Energy Research Hub

Developing breakthrough technologies for batteries, biofuels and solar panels are some of the main objectives for the scientists working in the new Interdisciplinary Science Building (ISB) at Brookhaven National Laboratories. A world-class hub for energy research, this new building provides customized laboratories for multidisciplinary research teams attempting to solve some of the country’s biggest energy and environmental challenges.

Inside the LEED-Gold-Certified facility’s 64 laboratories, researchers are engineering and optimizing materials in high-precision experimental environments. BVH commissioned the high-tech research building, which also houses a dry room, ultra-low vibration laboratory, office space and meeting rooms.

Brookhaven National Laboratory is a multipurpose research institution funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. Located on Long Island, NY, Brookhaven operates large-scale facilities for studies in physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, applied science, and advanced technology. The Laboratory’s almost 3,000 scientists, engineers, and support staff are joined each year by more than 5,000 visiting researchers from around the world.

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UMass Elevates Honors Program with New Living & Learning Community

The first of its kind at UMass Amherst, the Commonwealth Honors College Residential Community (CHCRC) sits in the heart of campus and creates a place for honors students to call home and for all of the campus to enjoy. The seven-building CHCRC is designed to accommodate 572 first-year honors students and offers 807 suites and apartments for multi-year students.

The honors college on the state’s flagship campus has been around since 1999, offering the most talented students small seminars, special events, and the opportunity to live on an honors freshman floor. But it had no physical home within the city-size university.

That changed this fall when UMass debuted the new center, the largest capital project in campus history. The new complex has 1,380 beds, enough to house about half of the honors students. About 13 percent of all undergraduates are in the honors program.

All honors freshmen were given the option to live in one of the two freshman halls of single, double, and triple rooms. Another 900 beds in suites and apartments are for upperclassmen.

Then there are nine classrooms, administrative offices, two faculty apartments, and a 24-hour café with a brick pizza oven.

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Supporting an Integrated MBA Curriculum

The new Edward P. Evans Hall combines world-class teaching facilities with inspirational social spaces. The design unites Yale’s MBA program and faculty departments in a single location for the first time. Its innovative design features an open layout, glass façade, and an expansive, enclosed courtyard, allowing people to see from one area to another across the campus. BVH performed commissioning services for this new campus.

Key features inside the 240,000-SF structure include a 350-seat auditorium, Library, a dining commons and coffee shop, 16 state-of-the-art classrooms, and the Beinecke Terrace Room, a lecture hall/entertainment space with an outdoor terrace.

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